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Penn'a Du


The Pennsylvania Dutch and their language

still from the film PENN'A DUA docu-drama for television about the Pennsylvania Dutch and their language. Original music by Pennsylvania Dutch music groups and by the German-American composer Conrad Beissel (1690). A film about the struggle between two cultures, one stronger, one weaker. Which of them will win?

"The premiere American showings of "Penn'a Du", a Germanmade film depicting what happended to the German language after it came to the United States. ... The film was produced both in German and in English. "Penn'a Du", features historic landmarks of Germantown, including the Pastorius Schoolhouse and the Christopher Sower House. The film also provides rare footage of the inside of an Amisch Schoolhouse, though, ordinarily the Plain people do not allow themselves to be photographed."

James Tobin Stewart in "The Independent" October 19th, 1982

USA, 60', 16mm, colour
Production: WDR Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Cologne / Brintrup-Filmproduktion, Rome, Phoenix Film, Rome

CAST William T. Parson, Isaac Clarence Kulp jr., Richard Druckenbrod, Carl C. Haag, Robert Mays, Paul Wieand, Roberta Kramer, Georg Brintrup, Keith Brintzenhoff, Peter Swavely, Jane Swavely, Susan Nolder, Karen Fish, Tom Mc Ginley, Jay Diefenderfer, Christine Richardson und Georg Brintrup
SPEAKER Georg Brintrup
MUSIC Ella Fitzgerald, Pennsylvania Dutch Folksongs, Conrad Beissel
CAMERA Ali Reza Movahed
SOUND Peter Margonelli
AUDIO MIX Fausto Ancillai
ASSISTENT Carlo Carlotto
EDITOR Carlo Carlotto
TV PRODUCERS Christhardt Burgmann, Annelen Kranefuss
PRODUCTION Brintrup-Filmproduktion, WDR
FIRST BROADCAST WDR 3 on October 10th 1982
REPLAY WDR 3 on November 24th 1983
gallery with stills from the film