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The Park


A short fiction film

still from the film THE PARKA short fiction film about the communication problems of a young office worker in Rome. Her sexual fantasies become more important than her political commitments. This film was shot mute with sound added later in post-production.

ITALY, 30', 16mm, b/w
Production: Brintrup, Rome, in collaboration with Eddie Vetter

CAST Sibilla Sedat, Eddie Vetter, Aki Akbar, Sandra Valenas, Rossella Fanali, Leo Gulotta, Luigi Branchetti, Umberto Calamita, Hugo Villanueva, Ali Reza Movahed
MUSIC Eddie Vetter, Nuova Consonanza
CAMERA Georg Brintrup, Ali Reza Movahed
AUDIO MIX Adriano Taloni
ASSISTENT Luigi Branchetti
EDITORS Jobst Grapow, Georg Brintrup
PRODUCTION Brintrup Eigenproduktion
gallery with fotos from the film