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Palazzo Ricci


The Tenth Anniversary of the European Academy in Montepulciano

still from the film PALAZZO RICCIThe Academy housed in the Palazzo Ricci in the village of Montepulciano was inaugurated in 2001, when the restoration of the ancient building dating from the Rinascimento, was finally completed, and adopted its famous name. The idea to create a European Academy of Music and Drama out in the wilds of Tuscany was not without its risks. But now that ten years have passed, the time has come to evaluate the adventure.

The project took wing after an agreement was made between the local council of Montepulciano and the Musikochschule (Institute of Music) in Cologne, the largest conservatory in Europe, and thanks to the generosity of several private sponsors and the Palazzo Ricci Association. When it first started it offered only 8 Masterclass courses of study, which have increased now to 28 plus numerous laboratories frequented by dozens of young musicians of all nationalities. In addition, the Academy also organizes a season of concerts in the historic towns of Tuscany. By now the level of quality is so high that its reputation has spread all around the world and it is considered to be among the most important venues at the present time, for musical training of distinction.

The film recounts the history of the Academy, presenting several master classes. For example, the famous Alban Berg quartet (Gunther Pichler), the American violinist Ida Bieler, or the Italian pianist, Andrea Lucchesini. The film presents a concert by Lars Voigt, held on the occasion of the tenth anniversary (of the Academy) and a symphonic concert by the Orchestra of Tuscany with soloist Paul Van Zelm (horn).

Students from all over the world and their teachers tell us about their experiences and impressions of the Academy. The founder, Prof. Werner Lohmann, singer Edda Moser and the director of the Dresden Opera, Prof. Gerd Uecker, contribute to the story of the Academy.

ITALY, 60', HD, colour
Production: Brintrup Filmproduktion / LICHTSPIEL ENTERTAINMENT / WDR

CAST Ida Bieler, Georg Sarkisjan, Erdmuthe Brand, Werner Lohmann, Ariadne Daskalakis, Ludovica Butti, Andrea Lucchesini, Eugenia Ottaviano, Gerd Uecker, Olga Scheps, Lars Vogt, Edda Moser, Günter Pichler u.a.
MUSIC György Ligeti, Josef Suk, Ludwig van Beethoven, Stefan Berger, Giacomo Puccini, W.A. Mozart, Maurice Ravel, Bela Bartok, Sergei Rachmaninov, Dmitri Schostakowitsch, Leos Janacek
MUSICIANS Kammerorchester der Musikhochschulen NRW, Idomeneo Quartett, Alina Quartett, Antares Quintett, Ebene 0
CAMERA Benny Hasenclever, Jorge Alvis
SOUND Rene Göckel
AUDIO MIX Francesco Sardella
LOCATION MANAGER Peter Naguschewski
ASSISTENT Änne Schantz-Kölsch
SPEAKER Christian Stark
WRITTEN BY Georg Brintrup
EDITED / DIRECTED Georg Brintrup
TV PRODUCER Lothar Mattner
PRODUCTION Lichtspiel Entertainment GmbH, WDR
FIRST BROADCAST WDR on March 5th 2012
REPLAYS SWR 20.5.2012; NDR 23.9.2012
gallery with stills from the film